Grand Illusion - acknowledges that what you see through the...

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Grand Illusion I. Camera • Invisible witness: respectful, attentive, restless II. Actors • Von Stroheim: The man you love to hate • Gabin: Mad proletarian III. Themes • Prison camp as microcosm • Barriers, boundaries • Historical transition IV. Renoir's maturity • Character • Plot • The title: how many grand illusions? Film viewing tonight: Renoir, Jean. The Grand Illusion . 1937. ° As Bazin makes clear, Renoir liberated film from its unnecessary ties to older art forms o Renoir’s films have a certain impulse to avoid the plot in favor of investigating the beauty of the world, even if it doesn’t seem relevant to the story o It’s as though the work of the camera is that of an anthropologist o The style of poetic realism is a purely cinematic style, one that
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Unformatted text preview: acknowledges that what you see through the camera is only a tiny chunk of the world, and that life continues outside of the frame o Renoir makes you aware of three-dimensionality o Renoir explored the features of the camera in a totally new way ° Renoir’s camera o Mise en scene style ° Long takes ° The camera’s almost constantly, subtly moving, but it follows the content of the scene ° Editing is much less prominent o In-camera editing ° The camera does the editing work while it’s watching ° You can almost feel the small, nervous decisions that the camera’s making ° There’s a kind of tentative respect for the complexities of the world present in the movement of the camera...
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Grand Illusion - acknowledges that what you see through the...

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