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Modern Times o Modern Times is not only one of the best films of the silent era, but it’s one of the 10 or 15 best films ever made. o Chaplin was the first to discover that you can mix drama and comedy o After he created the Tramp in 1915, there are always unfunny, serious, dramatic scenes in Chaplin’s films o One of the main ways he did this is by mastering the face – he really mastered the close-up in a way nobody had done before o He created comedic melodramas (where melodrama is used as a neutral, nonnegative term) o Note: The female character in Modern Times is the first in his films ever to stand up to him, as an equal, as multidimensional, as having her own independent emotional life. o Clip: from City Lights o Modern Times is a culminating film, in much the same way as The General
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Unformatted text preview: ° He made this film 8-10 years after sound had already been introduced ° It’s not technically silent, because it has a soundtrack, but characters only speak when they’re mediated by machines ° The role of sound is very interesting ° Modern Times was a nostalgic culmination of the silent era ° It was advertised as the Tramp’s final farewell ° He has a whole series of jobs, which systematically invoke his older films – virtually every scene has a counterpart from earlier in his career, which the audience would have recognized o Context: the 1930s ° Modern Times is about the depression, strikes, labor and capital, class inequalities. It’s not a Marxist film, but it is an angry and radical one. • Chaplin is just as critical of labor as he is of industry...
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