o All of this is reenacted in McCabe and Mrs

o All of this is reenacted in McCabe and Mrs - this brand...

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o All of this is reenacted in McCabe and Mrs. Miller , but exposed to a terrible irony and skepticism o It’s a color film, but it doesn’t have much color o There’s the sense that the weather really matters, as the snow piles up higher and higher in the snow storm, it’s important, and related to the terrible killing sequence o Altman calls our attention to ambient sound o The classic hero or savior figure is a kind of silly clown or fool – he’s terribly easy to manipulate o The heroine has come from England to be a madam, a manager of whores ° She’s much more intelligent than McCabe, but because she’s a woman there are limits to what she can do ° This is a sort of commentary o The town grows on the periphery of the film – even though it’s always going on, you’re not aware of it o The barber is black – in St. Louis he couldn’t work as a barber, but in
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Unformatted text preview: this brand new town, everyone still has a chance, because there aren’t enough people ° In this way the town is made up of outcasts, who are limited in larger society because of prejudice or because of some other disability o Altman likes shocking shootings, with bodies bleeding in the water ° For literate readers of the Western, this has an absolute shock value, because it so completely reverses all their expectations o In the classic Western, there is apocalyptic violence, after which society is regenerated o In McCabe and Mrs. Miller , you see this violence with McCabe trying to save his own life, inter-cut with the slapstick scene of people trying to put out the church fire o Every element of the classic Western is mocked and turned upside down in this manner in McCabe and Mrs. Miller...
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o All of this is reenacted in McCabe and Mrs - this brand...

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