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o Altman - o The catastrophe of the Vietnam War o The Civil...

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o Altman’s The Lone Goodbye ° The title of a famous novel, made into movies many times previously ° The film’s in conversation with detective stories generally, as well as in conversation with the many films of the same story that had been made previously ° Elliot Gould, the star, detective ° He finally discovers that the killer is a friend of his, who he had previously defended ° Clip: the protagonist suddenly kills the murderer, upon discovering him • This ending is an absolute shock • The Gould character is somehow unheroic and selfish • This is not how the novel or any of the previous films by the same title ended ° The films of this period have to do with the turbulent politics of the era
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Unformatted text preview: o The catastrophe of the Vietnam War o The Civil Rights Movement ° Brown v. Board of Education ° Martin Luther King o These two movements became increasingly connected ° Some of these movements, unlike Martin Luther King, were violent in nature o The double assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy o Nixon’s election ° Elected on the platform of ending the war, but he ended up expanding it into Cambodia before eventually leaving ° The Watergate scandal o All the structures of order and the basic institutions of the society were in question o All of this has to do with the great disorder, controversy, and subversion of the movies of this era...
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