o By the 1970s - this period had to do with the breakdowns...

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o By the 1970s, Westerns became very different ° A series of Westerns were made by Sergio Leone – he was Italian, not American • His conception of the Western was very different • He brought forms of European anarchy to his films • He cast Henry Fonda, the all-American hero, as an evil villan ° The genre gets turned on its head ° 1970: Soldier Blue • The native Americans are the heroes, and the cavalry are bad guys ° 1971: Little Big Man • Again, the Indians are the good guys ° The change in the political structure reflected by Westerns during
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Unformatted text preview: this period had to do with the breakdowns caused by Vietnam and Watergate However, this change in the revolutionary quality of Western films had even more to do with the fact that TV had already come along, and film was no longer a consensus narrative John Ford o His career is various o He made a huge number of films o The Western was his signature film o He appeared as an actor in Birth of a Nation, where he also worked as an assistant director o His career spanned both the silent era and the sound era...
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