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o By the 1970s - this period had to do with the breakdowns...

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o By the 1970s, Westerns became very different ° A series of Westerns were made by Sergio Leone – he was Italian, not American • His conception of the Western was very different • He brought forms of European anarchy to his films • He cast Henry Fonda, the all-American hero, as an evil villan ° The genre gets turned on its head ° 1970: Soldier Blue • The native Americans are the heroes, and the cavalry are bad guys ° 1971: Little Big Man • Again, the Indians are the good guys ° The change in the political structure reflected by Westerns during
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Unformatted text preview: this period had to do with the breakdowns caused by Vietnam and Watergate ° However, this change in the revolutionary quality of Western films had even more to do with the fact that TV had already come along, and film was no longer a consensus narrative ° John Ford o His career is various o He made a huge number of films o The Western was his signature film o He appeared as an actor in Birth of a Nation, where he also worked as an assistant director o His career spanned both the silent era and the sound era...
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