o By this era - into a modern world that is unfamiliar...

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o By this era, the studios were no longer the enormous, extensive film factories that they had been before o The visual style of these films was different, with elements like quick clips, discontinuous editing, shots from strange angles, etc. o The traditional Hollywood film generally ended in a comforting way, or if the ending was subversive, it was subtly so ° The endings of films from the 1970s were often much more disturbing, discontinuous, and morally uncertain o Dissenting genres o Pakula’s Klute ° The female lead is a prostitute ° The subject mater is often morally disgusting ° The comically innocent eyes of Donald Southerland’s character are dramatically opened to the dark realities of the world o Pakula’s The Parallax View ° Alcoholic former newspaper reporter who can never hold a job anymore because he’s always drunk ° The landscape is eerie and science fiction-like – as though Pakula is taking us
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Unformatted text preview: into a modern world that is unfamiliar, hostile to human beings ° The alcoholic reporter who is now working for some lousy local paper gets on the trail of the assassination of the president ° In a way, the plot resembles Hitchcock’s films, with a lone hero working against the world, or James Bond films, with a lone hero saving the world against all odds ° This main character discovers a vast conspiracy of corporate leaders who are trying to control national ° Just as he’s about to discover the evil absolutely, he is suddenly killed ° In the last scene, we see a judicial scene meant to echo the inquiry in to the assassination of JFK, where the respectable judges decide that the assassination was the work of one lone gunman ° The implication is that you live in a world where political and moral conspiracies are everywhere, and they cannot be exposed because they are too extensive...
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