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o In entertainment, single events or aspects of a work have single purposes (exposition, humor, etc.). In art, they have many purposes all at once. This is the multiplicity principle. ° Chaplin’s jokes not only are funny, not only develop character, but also are complex social and political jabs. o The Tramp was widely recognized in American and British culture almost immediately and almost instantly o He sparked a huge number of imitators o The various highly imaginative ways he uses his cane tell us something about his relation to objects o He had such a universally recognized, insuppressible, versatile figure, and this is why he recalls elements of myth o The Tramp was originally a much more anarchic, controversial figure, but Chaplin quieted the character down somewhat as he became more popular ° Something very similar actually happened to Mickey Mouse o Chaplin actually lived homeless for much of his childhood, when his mother was
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Unformatted text preview: institutionalized, motivating political jabs o Chaplin is both political and sentimental o When IBM first marketed PCs broadly, they used a figure of Chaplin as the Tramp from Modern Times in their commercials o The Tramp is so well known and incorporated into society, that Chaplin doesnt own him anymore, society does. o He motivates an aura of mythic significance o His main themes in all his movies are elemental theyre very basic to human existence and they tend to be fundamentally unfunny at their core: violence, hunger, danger, humiliation, powerlessness Hes able to convey highly complex elemental emotions in tiny gestures and facial expressions Its as if hes telling the same jokes over and over again, but you dont get tired of it youre probably even surprised...
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