The Western - Dickens’s novels Homer’s epics o American...

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The Western I. Movies as consensus narrative • The Western genre as a space of discourse II. Historical and cultural background • The "real" west: 1860-1890 • Popular culture before film • Intellectual culture: The Turner Thesis III. The Western as cultural myth • Founding story • Dichotomies • The divided hero: savior and savage The Western ° Display: Reproduction of a poster for the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show o In the mid 70s, there was a film called Buffalo Bill and the Indians – disturbing o Chief Sitting Bull himself actually appeared in the original show, which mythologized and lied about the racist history of the West ° The Western offers us a particularly clarifying example of the larger operation that the movies played in American culture in the days when they were such a dominant form of narrative o The age of the dream factory, mass-producing movies, capitalist principles and art o Other examples of consensus narrative in their own day: Shakespeare’s theater,
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Unformatted text preview: Dickens’s novels, Homer’s epics o American film was less burdened by cultural expectations in the way that French, German, or Italian film ° There are both positive and negative consequences of this o Consensus Narratives have three central defining features ° Conservative – in both a political and an aesthetic sense • Consensus narratives could not completely attack the culture they emerge from • If they larger politics were too upfront revolutionary, then it couldn’t address such a huge audience • Of course, it can still be subversive in its own way, but it must do so within a familiar context • The artistic commitments of consensus art are in a large sense conservative as well • Today, theater has the opportunity to be hugely revolutionary, because it’s not a consensus narrative (and never has been in this country)...
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The Western - Dickens’s novels Homer’s epics o American...

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