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° Origins of Neo-realism o Influential movements: ° The chamber film – a German movement • The whole film often took place in one room ° Street films • similar to chamber films, but it took things outside, to see real poverty ° Poetic realism – Jean Renoir and the other French directors • Aimed for authenticity ° Key Principles of Neo-realism o Note the use of non-professional actors ° The neo-realist directors were skilled at getting great performances from non- professionals ° The actor who played Ricci in Bicycle Thieves wasn’t a professional o Improvisation – aimed at reality o Outdoor camera and commitment to using real spaces ° The neo-realists were willing to sacrifice a certain gloss in order to get the
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Unformatted text preview: realism of actual spaces o Mise-en-scene style o Documentary flavor to these films ° They’re interested in real people, and sometimes you begin to feel like the characters actually exist o Clip: from a film that tells an anti-Fascist fable ° The children have essentially been acting as anti-fascist terrorists ° They’re returning from an insurrection, great heroes of the war ° But when they return, they are instantly children again, and it begins to feel like a comedy ° The immensely crowded apartment says something meaningful about the living conditions in Rome at the time ° We can see how much human destruction and distraction have been crammed into this small space...
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