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° Origins of Neo-realism o Influential movements: ° The chamber film – a German movement • The whole film often took place in one room ° Street films • similar to chamber films, but it took things outside, to see real poverty ° Poetic realism – Jean Renoir and the other French directors • Aimed for authenticity ° Key Principles of Neo-realism o Note the use of non-professional actors ° The neo-realist directors were skilled at getting great performances from non- professionals ° The actor who played Ricci in Bicycle Thieves wasn’t a professional o Improvisation – aimed at reality o Outdoor camera and commitment to using real spaces ° The neo-realists were willing to sacrifice a certain gloss in order to get the
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Unformatted text preview: realism of actual spaces o Mise-en-scene style o Documentary flavor to these films Theyre interested in real people, and sometimes you begin to feel like the characters actually exist o Clip: from a film that tells an anti-Fascist fable The children have essentially been acting as anti-fascist terrorists Theyre returning from an insurrection, great heroes of the war But when they return, they are instantly children again, and it begins to feel like a comedy The immensely crowded apartment says something meaningful about the living conditions in Rome at the time We can see how much human destruction and distraction have been crammed into this small space...
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