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° Historical context of Neo-realist films o Actually a brief period, though it was hugely influential o Very successful internationally o Two academy awards ( Shoeshine and Bicycle Thieves ) made Neo-realism an international movement o Its films were very serious, and dedicated to describing social and moral issues o By the mid 50s and the late 50s Neo-realism was just a memory o The most important thing about the Neo-realist movement is that it appears right after WWII, and it’s about the devastation of that period ° 35% of all the permanent buildings in Europe had been bombed ° 25% of the Polish population was killed ° Unemployment in Europe was at least at 25% o The Neo-realist films are in part a reaction against other styles of film making ° Under Mussolini, a style of escapist melodrama had been popular ° These films described the minor troubles of the upper classes ° The films were called white telephone films, after the more elaborate white phones that the wealthy used (instead of ugly black ones)
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􀂃1 - Historical context of Neo-realist...

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