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􀂃2 - o The exploration of character also...

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􀂃 Bicycle Thieves o The film has a perfect organic naturalness o There is a powerful momentum, but the momentum originates from life itself, not from any artificially constructed plot o Watch the power of the scene where Ricci and his wife go to pawn their linens to get back the bicycle 􀂃 Notice the huge quantities of linens you see in storage – it’s as though all the sheets in Rome have gotten pawned off o We’re set up to be constantly terrified that the bicycle will be stolen, before it ever is o Organic structure of the film: everything that follows has to do with how Ricci responds to the loss of his bicycle o The whole film takes place in a weekend o The story is so natural, that you’re not aware that anything fictitious has been added. o Institutions – they all seem to be failures 􀂃 The police are of no help o As the father begins to show his failings under the stress of losing his bicycle, the son begins to show his strength 􀂃 They begin to switch places
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Unformatted text preview: o The exploration of character also becomes an exploration of the physical spaces of Rome o There is an immense emotional depth to their interactions ° Note the scene where Ricci becomes terrified that his son might have drowned ° Ricci takes him to a restaurant that he can’t afford in an effort to apologize to his son ° The restaurant becomes a powerful exploration of class differences o When Ricci finally finds the thief, the thief is protected by his neighbors o It’s important that the title is Bicycle Thieves , not Bicycle Thief ° The film suggests that we’re all thieves in a certain sense ° We’re driven to it by desperation o Ricci’s son rescues him twice ° Ricci looks like he might be arrested or beaten to death, but his son’s presence brings mercy from an authority figure o There’s a moral and psychological complexity to this film, along with a inspiring and generous sense of human nature...
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