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° Poetic Realism o This is the movement that Renoir originated o The name comes from a quality of the camera: ° Even the most ugly slum is photographed in a way that becomes lyrical ° It’s not that this denies the ugliness of the situation, but that it responds poetically to the complexity of the situation o Andre Bazin (1917-1958) – a great champion of Renoir ° Wrote a book about him ° Prof. Thorburn reads the class a passage by Bazin, explaining Renoir’s magnificence and his essential contributions to film ° Renoir is the one who frees movies from imprisoning rectangular framings – Renoir was famous for very long takes. • As Bazin puts it, “Montage disappears” • So much takes place in one take, so that you’re left trying to figure out what to watch • Almost everything takes place at eye level, without distortion, because Renoir wants his audience to experience the movie the way that people really view the world
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Unformatted text preview: • Renoir reminds you that you are only seeing a chunk of a three-dimensional world • He calls your attention to the space that normally doesn’t make it into the frame o Clip: from Boudu Saved from Drowning : rowing on the river on the wedding day, and then what happens after Boudu pulls them over and swims away ° Note the way the boat sort of comes into the frame, and the way Renoir gives you a physical sense of the environment ° Note that the music is part of the action – it gets louder as they move toward the band, and softer as they move away ° Boudu represents unmitigated nature. He stands for accident, contingency. ° Note the wide, slowly swinging turn of the camera at the end ° The true purpose of the scene ceases to address Boudu’s intentions, and instead addresses his pleasure ° At the end, everything becomes intrinsically beautiful ° Visual Style as Moral Vision o Embedded in what you’ve seen....
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