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􀂃5 - Jean Renoir o Many people would say...

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Unformatted text preview: Jean Renoir o Many people would say that Renoir is the most important director of all time o Hes certainly still a director that contemporary viewers continue to look back on with respect o Hes the second son of the great impressionist painter, Auguste Renoir o He wrote a book about his childhood with his father He grew up relatively privileged, surrounded by artists o Little redheaded boy, shows up in a number of his fathers paintings o He served in the first World War in the cavalry, in the infantry, and very briefly as a pilot o First film: The Water Girl It was fantastical and fable-like o Another early film: based on Zolas famous novel, Nana o However, these films were silent, and it was in the sound era that he really made his reputation o La Chienne (1931) The title means The Bitch Established the actor Michel Gabin Noble but working-class character who is driven to extremes The character murders his girlfriend an act of despair...
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