􀂃9 - But remember, at this point the...

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° But remember, at this point the movies are no longer a consensus medium in the United States, because television had replaced them o Television in this era is much more aware of politics in the outer world o But it’s still a television in which the center holds – it’s not as subversive as films of the era o Example: All in the Family ° The contrast between conservative and liberal, old and young, a father-in-law and his son-in-law ° Even though they argue and scream at each other, in the end they stay in the family ° The idea broadcast is that the country’s still a family – we can get through our difficulties o Television is still maintaining its consensus function o M.A.S.H ° The difference between the movie and television versions are deeply revealing of the consensus narrative function of television ° The difference can’t be explained by date – they’re nearly simultaneous, rather, it is a function of the place that society gives each form and medium
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􀂃9 - But remember, at this point the...

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