􀂃10 - The Searchers o The hero/star John...

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° The Searchers o The hero/star: John Wayne ° However, John Ford has begun to problematize his character ° He’s a damaged character ° He’s racist ° He’s admirable, but also deeply un-admirable o Space/Setting ° This film doesn’t lie about the nature of the West – you see the snow and the rain ° Filmed in Monument Valley, Arizona – it came to be known as John Ford’s theater ° This setting, with its looming rock formations, makes all human endeavors seem small in comparison ° The human buildings seem transient in comparison with this forbidding landscape o Time: visual style ° The film spans many many years ° Watch for the transitions ° You begin to feel like you’re in a space of endless quest ° It’s like an otherworldly space, that operates according to different rules ° The visual style reinforces this ° Note the use of doorways to look into a building or out onto a landscape ° What is implied by this contrast of enclosure and infinite expanse? o
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􀂃10 - The Searchers o The hero/star John...

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