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° Singin’ In the Rain o It embodies a lot of these themes we’ve been talking about – high vs. low art o Note Don Lockwood’s speech, where he speaks of himself like a cultured, upper-class person, when the reality is more varied o Note Debbie Reynolds’s claim to prefer higher art (Shakespeare, Ibsen), when she is in fact a popular dancer herself o Satire and Parody ° A satire makes fun of something, holding it up to mockery – it can direct itself at a broad range of things ° A parody is a more specific form of satire, where a specific object is made fun of via imitation o Self-consciousness o The key themes ° One central theme is about performance ° It sort of acts as an encyclopedic revisiting of the history of film.
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Unformatted text preview: The movie has a structural exuberance there are so many different genres of performance going on at once The gap between the outer (formal faade) and the inner (much more energetic intrinsic human energy) o The place of dance and song Faced with the boring elocution expert, the characters improvise a dance Couches and staircases become elements of the dance the space is transformed, and the ordinary objects become props This is somehow connected to the somehow nave exuberance of American culture our ordinary talk can be edged into song, or normal walking can become dance This has to do with the appeal of Musicals for their audiences forms of freedom are particularly enacted....
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