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° Themes o Show business ° Implicitly, this always contains within it themes of community building and democracy ° There’s almost always one snotty star who humiliates or mistreats the underlings ° Thus class antagonism comes out ° When this elitist is purged in some way, the community comes together in a kind of democratic excitement ° Thus the group has achieved something, and become a place of democracy instead of one of snobbery ° The humble and talented understudy gets the chance to finally shine ° Thus it celebrates especially American values o High culture, popular culture o Convention, restraint vs. spontaneity, energy, and “the natural” o H ° Fred Astaire vs. Kelly o You can see them as embodying different sorts of principles in their
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Unformatted text preview: dance o Astaire almost always danced very well dressed tuxedo, etc. He always danced in places that were recognized as places to dance the stage, etc Within his own films, hes usually recognized as a great or professional dancer He embodies a king of grace in his dancers He almost never violates the Proscenium arch o Kellys dance is much more energenetic and spontaneous Hes graceful in a way that violates boundaries instead of respecting them His dances take over spaces that dont normally belong to dance he dances in trees, on roofs, on tables Its like hes disobeying the ordinary restraints...
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