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° Historical and Cultural Backgrounds o Racist history o The irony of envisioning the cavalry bugle as a saving sound o This was the era of the transcontinental railroad o This was the era of range conflicts – ranchers and settlers fighting each other ° Sometimes films were from the standpoint of the ranchers, sometimes the settlers. ° Rarely, before the 1970s, was it ever on the side of the Native Americans. ° The Settlers was a great shock, because it was sympathetic to the Native Americans o The West was also the story of the extermination of the buffalo o The era of the near genocide (certainly murder on a massive scale) of the Native Americans o The real story of the West is a lot uglier than the myth that we all grew up with ° The Western as a Cultural Myth o What do we mean when we call the Western a myth? o Westerns are not by one person, but by many
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Unformatted text preview: o A story that is told over and over again, constantly repeated o The word mythology implies many strands to the myth, rather than just one story o The writing of Levi-Strauss o The founding myth – Westerns are always in part about establishing a society out of chaos, civilizing of savagery, etc. o Society and communal values versus the values of the individual – this is relevant to American society, because our culture values individual heroism so much, but it doesn’t want to take this idea to the point of chaos o The dichotomy between East and West o The division between nature and culture o The Western dramatizes American values and American ambivalence o Genre as a category is a discourse space that provides a license to take up these dichotomies, contradictions, and controversies...
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