􀂃17 - Collaborative movies are a hugely...

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° Collaborative – movies are a hugely collaborative act • As the theater is, in a way that poems and novels don’t have to be (though sometimes they can be) • The various dissonant views (actor, director, writer), need to be harmonized in some way. • As a result, there will always be some jagged edges where the various efforts don’t perfectly harmonize. • We need to value and take place in partial excellence, because full excellence isn’t always possible. • More importantly, movies collaborate with their culture • They all include myth, founding tales, ways of understanding themselves • Consensus narrative collaborates with an inherited range of myths and stories that are reoriented to adapt to the current medium • Genre itself is an inherently collaborative category – the meaning of any Western is partly based on every Western that has come before it. • This is a profound form of collaboration • An example: In Shakespeare’s Cymbeline , there’s a great moment
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􀂃17 - Collaborative movies are a hugely...

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