􀂃19 - History o Three different...

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° History o Three different aspects (subcategories) of musical film: o The first owes life to theater tradition – Revue ° Remakes of Broadway ° “You ain’t seen nothing yet” ° Jazz very successful ° The Broadway Melody (1929) • Tells backstage story (meta-theater) • Common plot of movie musical • Establishes basic back story • It’s a Revue – stage show not linked by plot • Show was immensely popular – won Oscar for best film • Drew and produced large numbers intermixed with comical sketches • 1930: 70 new musicals • It influenced increasing use of music in films in Europe as well o The second subcategory was Operetta ° Influenced by European light opera ° Example: Gilbert and Sullivan ° Clip: from Love Me Tonight (Rouben Mamoulian, 1932) • This is proleptic. A pass-along song. • Central character: Maurice Chevalier, a tailor • Plot: Aristocrat comes to his shop, he meets an aristocratic woman – class conflict, etc. ° Crosses class and geographical boundaries – proleptic – music creates
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􀂃19 - History o Three different...

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