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Unformatted text preview: “The Studio Era” o Remember, people watched the movies all the time, habitually For example, in 1938, 67% of the American population went to the movies each week In 1968, it’s only 10% each week This represents a profound transformation in how audiences interacted with films o Specific genres had developed, and audiences expected particular things from those genres. o It was a gigantic industry, employing tens of thousands of individuals o There were many studios, and they were well known, with their own reputations for certain kinds of movies and certain specialties. (There were five major studios, with 75% of the revenue between them MGM, Paramount, Warner Brothers, 20 th Century Fox, and RKO) o It appealed across age, gender, race, class divisions… the movies were the national entertainment system. o The stars became even more important, with even bigger, more famous names, during this era....
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