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° Frank Capra – great director o Immigrated to California from Italy at six o Sold newspapers and played the banjo as a child o Graduated as an engineer from Caltech o It Happened One Night , You Can’t Take it With You , Mr. Smith Goes to Washington , A Wonderful Life , and many others ° It Happened One Night o Think about how stars and genre operated in Hollywood while you watch this film o Production history ° At the time it was a minor project by a minor studio – nobody expected it to be a success – but it was hugely successful ° Both leads became stars after this film ° Notice that the lead actors are missing from the ending – this is because they’d
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Unformatted text preview: both moved on to other films already o Social context It very subtly and skillfully notes the economic miseries of the 1930s, but without ever throwing it in your face The lead female character is slowly educated in the ways of the world over the course of the film o Class and gender watch these elements as you watch The Gable character is the ordinary character. Colbert comes from spoiled wealth. o Private spaces o The ending This was the film that established screwball comedy as a central Hollywood genre....
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