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° Frank Capra – great director o Immigrated to California from Italy at six o Sold newspapers and played the banjo as a child o Graduated as an engineer from Caltech o It Happened One Night , You Can’t Take it With You , Mr. Smith Goes to Washington , A Wonderful Life , and many others ° It Happened One Night o Think about how stars and genre operated in Hollywood while you watch this film o Production history ° At the time it was a minor project by a minor studio – nobody expected it to be a success – but it was hugely successful ° Both leads became stars after this film ° Notice that the lead actors are missing from the ending – this is because they’d
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Unformatted text preview: both moved on to other films already o Social context ° It very subtly and skillfully notes the economic miseries of the 1930s, but without ever throwing it in your face ° The lead female character is slowly educated in the ways of the world over the course of the film o Class and gender – watch these elements as you watch ° The Gable character is the “ordinary” character. Colbert comes from spoiled wealth. o Private spaces o The ending ° This was the film that established screwball comedy as a central Hollywood genre....
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