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° We’re going to be finishing the silent era soon, but I hope you don’t forget its importance. ° This course largely focuses on American film. However, we shouldn’t forget that there are other nations that also have deeply robust film histories. o One could trace a very similar history, for example, in France, Germany, and Italy to the history that we’ve examined in the U.S. o Figures like Chaplin’s Tramp, however, had a universal effect, and film all over the world reacted to his work. o The connections across nations and cultures were even larger in the silent era, when language wasn’t a barrier within the films. o At the same time, the films created by different cultures are particular expressions of the distinctiveness of those particular cultures. o There is a broad divergence between American and European cinema. ° It is important that class holds less importance in American culture – it’s a less hierarchic culture. ° There’s also a sense of American culture being more futuristic, less interested
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