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° Murnau made many other great films o He later immigrated to the U.S. o The greatest of his films was likely the one we’re going to see tonight: The Last Laugh . ° This is one of the very few non-comic films of the silent era that still stands up as fun-to-watch for modern audiences. ° It’s focused on an ordinary man. There’s something pretentious, vain, and flawed in his character. This makes our sense of interest in him even more poignant ° Work is very important in the film. When the character gets fired and loses his uniform, it’s like he’s lost his identity. He even tries to steal the uniform back. ° The film is deeply concerned with social class. ° Some people might say that the acting is a bit heavy-handed, but keep in mind that it reflects the heavy-handedness of the character himself. ° There are moments when the camera sits on an elevator or on a moving bicycle
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Unformatted text preview: this was highly revolutionary at the time. Theres even a point when the strap the camera to the belly of a staggering actor. Karl Freund (1890-1969) was cinematographer. He had a deeply impressive career, making great creative contributions to silent film, sound film, and television all three mediums. The happy ending wasnt originally planned for. The producers required it at the last minute because they felt that it was too much of a downer. Note that there are no subtitles anywhere in the movie until this very end of the film. Its a signal of the transition into this demanded ending. The lack of subtitles is a deeply impressive indicator of Murnau and Freunds ability to master their visual medium...
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