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° Chaplin • He is much more social and psychological in his interests o Physical objects and materials ° In The General , we see every physical aspect and corner of the train, all over. The character’s relation to that huge physical object is very intimate. • It is a key aspect of Keaton that he pays so much attention to these huge objects ° In Chaplin, the objects are much smaller and more manageable – but his relation to them is enormously imaginative and transformative • Example: showing a rotten old shoe into a Thanksgiving dinner • Also note what he does with his cane and his hat • With these objects Chaplin’s films emphasize psychology. • The Tramp as myth o Anthropologists would say that myth is communally created, and while the Tramp does have an inventory – Chaplin – he also has a sort of communal evolution
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Unformatted text preview: o Clip: an early Keystone comedy The Keystone company (which Chaplin worked for first) created the first comedy films These sorts of films built into a sort of comic frenzy chaos, cheap jokes; they didnt really have a coherent story Unlike these films, Chaplin was the first to introduce character and personality to comedy films Chaplins films were slower, but also funnier Keatons jokes, on the other hand, have the aura of randomness and chaos, but they are actually highly complex, planned-out jokes The universe doesnt notice or care about us we are insignificant specks Similarly, there are the opposite jokes, when a character narrowly avoids catastrophe and doesnt notice...
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