Fossil Hominid2 - Fossil Hominids: Ardi ARA-VP-6/500,...

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Fossil Hominids: Ardi ARA-VP-6/500, "Ardi", Ardipithecus ramidus Discovered by a team led by Tim White in 1994 at Aramis in Ethiopia (White et al. 2009; Gibbons 2009). Its age is about 4.4 million years. Ardi is a spectacularly complete fossil. About 45% of her skeleton was found, including most of the skull, pelvis, hands and feet, and many limb bones. She was about 120 cm (3'11") tall and weighed about 50 kg (110 lbs). The first ramidus fossils were found in the early 1990s, and published in a paper in Nature in 1994 (White, Suwa and Asfaw 1994), where they were assigned to a new species, Australopithecus ramidus . The bones consisted only of a few dental fragments and some arm bones. About 8 months later, a correction was published in Nature (White et al. 1995) reassigning the bones to a new genus, Ardipithecus , and mentioning that in late 1994 they had discovered a new lower jaw and partial skeleton of ramidus. Clearly, these new finds had strengthened their earlier suspicion that ramidus might not belong in the genus Australopithecus . In later articles, they revealed that the partial skeleton was extremely fragile, that excavation of it was proceeding extremely slowly, and that it might be a while before it was fully extracted and analyzed. That turned out to be a understatement - it has taken nearly 15 years to extract and analyze the skeleton. The ramidus team has put the time to good use, however. As
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Fossil Hominid2 - Fossil Hominids: Ardi ARA-VP-6/500,...

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