Implications for Creationism

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Implications for Creationism Young-earth creationists such as Answers in Genesis will doubtless claim that this research supports their claims that humans, Neandertals, and other archaic hominids all form one species. However, it's a lot harder to see how all the necessary population events can be squeezed into 10,000 years. Starting from Adam and Eve, humans apparently populated Africa, Asia and Europe, then some of them left Africa, picked up some Neandertal genes from the Middle East, then populated the world again , with some of them picking up more genes from the Denisovans and going on to populate Melanesia. Somehow, this emigrating group was also able to cause all the other humans to become extinct. At some point a flood occurred, killing all but 8 humans and removing most of the genetic variability. It would be tempting to assume the flood took care of removing the Neandertals and Denisovans, but that would leave the problem of explaining how their genetic contributions made it into the modern world. Supposing one person on the ark had
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