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Spinosaurus African Carnosaur Spinosaurus is probably best known as the star of Jurassic Park 3. It has been described as the largest of the carnosaurs. Having said that spinosaur fossils that have been found are longer than either T-rex or Gigantosaurus. However spinosaurs were built much lighter than either of the other two giant carnosaurs. Whats In A Name? The name spinosaurus means “spiny lizard”. This comes from the large spines that extend from the vertebrae along its back. These spines could be up to six feet long. It is commonly thought that these spines were covered by a membrane of skin to form a sail like fin. This may have been used to help regulate body heat. There is some evidence to suggest that the sail was able to be extended or at least partially collapsed. The First Spinosaurus Ernst Stromer, a German paleontologist discovered the first and most complete specimen in Egypt in 1912. He named it Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus . Unfortunatly this spinosaur skeleton was destroyed during the bombing of
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