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Unformatted text preview: The creationist response The creationist organization Answers In Genesis has already taken note of the fossil . One might have expected that such small, and small-brained, fossils would be dismissed as apes. A few years ago, I'm sure AIG would have done so unhesitatingly. But AIG has strongly backed the idea that the similarly-sized Hobbit from Flores is a pathological human. Because of that, and probably also because some scientists have said Au. sediba should have been classified as Homo , AIG was surprisingly cautious. After referring to a quote by Berger that the small brain size of sediba (an australopithecine feature) is similar to that of the Flores Hobbit, AIG says that: Berger's comment suggests the Australopithecus sediba fossils may in fact be misclassified Homo individuals who were fully human. and Creationists must be cautious interpreting news like this. But whatever happened to this earlier claim by AIG : When complete fossils are found, they are easy to assign clearly as either 'ape' or human, there...
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