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The first creationist

The first creationist - The first creationist(non)response...

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The first creationist (non-)response The first creationist response to the Dmanisi fossils was made in the Institute for Creation Research's radio show on November 23, 2002 . ICR's 'experts' start off by recounting the stories of Piltdown Man , Nebraska Man , Orce Man , and a particularly obscure fossil discovered in Java in 1926 which was briefly claimed by its finder to be another Pithecanthropus (Java Man), but was quickly shown to be from the knee of an elephant. This is all rather pathetic: none of these have the slightest relevance to the currently accepted evidence for human evolution. In fact, apart from Piltdown Man, none of them ever had any relevance: they were all quickly and correctly identified as non-hominid. Having set the scene with these irrelevancies, ICR gets around to discussing the Dmanisi fossils: Narrator : It has been substantiated that fraud has been committed in the past. However, most scientists have good intentions, even if they are based on evolutionary assumptions. But do these
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