Causes of Stratification

Causes of Stratification - Causes of Stratification...

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Causes of Stratification Understanding origins of stratification is difficult, in part because we are virtually limited to archaeological record for direct evidence on the process Reason for this is that written records only emerge with stratification (in fact, evidence suggests that in most cases writing was first developed in order to carry out two specific functions of stratified societies: maintain tax records, and record genealogies and histories of hereditary rulers) Although there is much that we don't know about origins of stratification, it is clear that it is a relatively recent development (e.g., as revealed through study of grave goods, and historical record of state expansion and conquest of more egalitarian societies) Once they arise, stratified systems tend to expand at expense of egalitarian systems, but this cannot explain origins of first stratified systems (i.e., cases of "pristine" state formation) What drives egalitarian societies towards stratification? Are there ecological explanations? It is not simply subsistence mode, since some foragers are less egalitarian than many agricultural and most pastoralist societies Attempts to explain cultural evolution of social stratification in ecological terms generally
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Causes of Stratification - Causes of Stratification...

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