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East African cattle herder1

East African cattle herder1 - East African cattle herders...

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East African cattle herders These = best-studied pastoralists in ecological anthropology In E. Africa, altitude & rainfall correlate almost perfectly, with rainfall increasing at higher elevation Another factor is temperature, as this affects water evaporation; in tropics, even areas that have more rainfall than Seattle may have such high evapotranspiration rates that they are quite arid These two factors interact to determine available water and hence plant productivity (e.g., in Kenya, 4500 feet = elevation at which rainfall exceeds potential evaporation rate, and where pastoralism fades out and agriculture takes over) Given altitude/rainfall correlation, pastoralists adjust their annual cycle to put herds in lowest (driest) part of range in rainy season, gradually moving to higher elevations so as to end up at highest elevation at end of dry season Movement decisions are very complex -- must plan for whole year but have many contingency plans, take many variables in to account; hence pastoralists have great
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