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Resource Supply and Demand

Resource Supply and Demand - Resource Supply and Demand...

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Resource Supply and Demand Second major tenet of "new orthodoxy" is that H-Gs regulate their population densities below the "carrying capacity" of environment in order to avoid overexploiting their resources and degrading their environment Besides the theoretical problems with this argument (some of which have been discussed in previous lecture notes), it is empirically problematic for two reasons: First, evidence indicates that many foragers are nowhere near overharvesting resources (for example, among the !Kung, Lee [1979] notes that millions of mongongo nuts -- the ! Kung staple -- rot on the ground every year, and Hill [1983] has calculated that !Kung annually harvest <1% of large herbivore biomass in their area, whereas sustainable yield = 10-20%, depending on the species) Second, Nancy Howell's detailed demographic study (Howell 1979) suggests that the low birth rate of !Kung nevertheless results in an annual population growth rate of ~0.5%, which although low is still positive (and as we know from population ecology,
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