Scarcity of land

Scarcity of land - Scarcity of land(or other land-based...

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Scarcity of land (or other land-based resources, such as water) is also implicated in some instances of violent conflict and warfare within or between modern state societies (see Homer-Dixon et al. reading) Have to be careful here to distinguish interests/goals of elites who make decisions about engaging in warfare from those of who carry out those decisions (and bear the heaviest price in mortality) Since these elites often control mass media, they may manipulate populace into thinking ethnic violence or conflict is in their interest (i.e., exercise some degree of hegemony) and even use such conflict to deflect challenges to their rule (lots of contemporary examples of this, from U.S. racial conflict to Serbia/Bosnia to Rwanda to Iraq-Iran wars -- and some would suggest current Bush regime actions against Iraq) Here again we see the importance of analyzing ecological interests and adaptation (including resource competition) at the level of individuals and interests groups, rather than looking for adaptive systems, societies, or populations per se
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