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Specific predictions - Specific predictions/insights from...

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Specific predictions/insights from the model : 1) What happens when high-ranked prey types become abundant? Search costs/unit harvest decline, hence optimal diet becomes more specialized (e.g., caribou hunters or salmon fishers during migration/run exhibit extreme specialization) 2) What happens when low-ranked potential prey types become abundant? Nothing should change if they lie outside the optimal diet (if mice are too costly to bother with, their increased abundance won't change this -- as long as must harvest mice one at a time) These results contradict common-sense notion (found in much cultural ecology) that resources will be harvested in proportion to their abundance (e.g., that abundant food types will comprise bulk of the diet, etc.) Prey-choice model predicts that as long as abundance of prey type does not alter its handling cost, a low-ranked type not worth taking when rare is still not worth taking when abundant; in fact, harvesting abundant low-ranked prey types can be very costly, as it will reduce time available for harvesting high-ranked prey types even more than if only harvest the occasional (because rare) low-ranked prey type Thus, prey-choice model predicts that encounter rate with higher-ranked types
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Specific predictions - Specific predictions/insights from...

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