Towards Sustainability

Towards Sustainability - Towards Sustainability So what can...

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Towards Sustainability So what can we do about the accelerating crises of habitat degradation and biodiversity loss that appear to be driven both by "the subsistence needs of the burgeoning global human population" (Alcorn) and by "the rise of the global exchange economy" (Norgaard)? One possible resolution to the CEC is a catastrophic one: the global industrial economy implodes, human population plummets, and subsistence once again becomes local affair for the survivors, with the result that decision-makers once more have to live with the local or regional consequences of their resource utilization and environmental use decisions But is there a less apocalyptic way out? In particular, given the great material attractions of economic growth, and the poverty in which most people in the world live, is it possible to pursue so-called "sustainable development"? From the materialist perspective, this would require three things: 1) zero or negative population growth: maybe possible, given the tendency for more
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