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Where Do We Go From Here? Given the massive historical inertia at work here, and the ever-expanding power and worldwide spread of capitalist production, is there any obvious way out of the CEC? Our assigned readings provide some contrasting views on these issues Low & Heinen propose that people will only avoid environmental destruction if it is in their short-term self-interest to do so, implying that this is nothing new in human history (though perhaps intensified) Alcorn takes a more conventional environmentalist position, arguing that major env. destruction is a novel problem which must be corrected by changing our environmental values or ethics Norgaard takes a middle ground of sorts, locating the primary source of our contemporary envir. crisis in an economic system (market capitalism) that profits disproportionately from overconsumption, and fosters it worldwide; hence he implies that effective change must be socioeconomic in form (and will be difficult to achieve), but also argues that we need to "derive a viable image of the future, to change the
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