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Lesson_03a_Map_Reading_PE - Lesson3a:MapReading...

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MSL 201 - Foundations of Leadership Revision Date: 08 June 2010 Lesson 3a: Map Reading The following Practical Exercises are contained within: 1. Map Reading Practical Exercise 2. Terrain Features Practical Exercise 1 of 6
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MSL 201, Foundations of Leadership 8 June 2010 Lesson 3a: Map Reading Practical Exercise Practical Exercise Map Reading DIRECTIONS: Using your Tenino Mapsheet, answer the questions below. 1. Name the terrain feature located at vicinity grid EG 165846? 2. What is the Map Sheet Number? 3. What is the contour interval? 4. What is the GM Angle in degrees? 5. What manmade features are located at grid EG 09308527 and at EG 11518556?  6. What is the straight-line distance in meters between the two manmade features listed in #5  above? 7. What is the road distance in meters from the arrow pointing to Skookumchuck Grange at EG  143831; East along the Road to the Bridge over the Skookumchuck River?
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Lesson_03a_Map_Reading_PE - Lesson3a:MapReading...

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