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Diablo Valley College Dr. Kent Haldan History 121 Chan and Olin, Major Problems in California History , Ch. 11: The Impact of World War II on California’s economy (read p 298-299, Marye Stump interview 303-305, and Gerald Nash’s essay 309-316) 1.According to Chan and Olin, what impact did World War II have on California’s economy? What role did Kaiser and the California Institute of Technology play? What does Roger Lotchin mean by the “metropolitan-military complex? 2. Discuss Marye Stump’s search for a job? Why was she willing to take almost any job? Discus Marye Stump’s work experience? What impact did it have upon her? How did men respond to her when she was assigned to spot-welding? How did the work place change as World War II progressed? What were her expectations about her future?
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Unformatted text preview: What happened as soon as the war ended? 3.What is Nash's thesis? What role did the federal government play in this transformation? What industries were directly affected? Which ones were indirectly affected? In general how was California's economy changed? 4.Describe the population boom during the war? How did this boom fit into the pattern of California history? What were some of the characteristic of the newcomers? Describe the increase in the African American, Native American and Latino population. 5.What obstacles did California face in mobilizing for war? How did the federal government assist in overcoming these obstacles and was it effective? 6.Describe the Bracero Program and the federal government's role in it. What were braceros assured?...
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