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Diablo Valley College History 121 Dr. Kent Haldan Study Guide for Henretta, Chapter 20 The Progressive Period , 1900-1912 1. How did Richard Oakley view the Pullman Strike of 1894 and what legislation was enacted? What is it’s significance? 2. How does Jane Addams embody the middle-class reform impulse? What is the Social Gospel? 3. What are Progressive Ideas? Who are the Muckrakers and who coined this term? 4.Describe the views and roles of several women in this movement and their accomplishments. Describe the Muller v. Oregon decision (1908) and its significance. Describe the Revival Women’s suffrage movement. Describe the view and roles of several women in the feminist movement and how they differed from Progressive women. 5.What is Urban Liberalism and some of the actors with this view and how does it differ from that of the middle-class Progressive reformers action and views. What impact did the Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire have upon Liberals? How did they view the newer immigrants from
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