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Modern Times Pt 2 (Henrettan Ch. 23)

Modern Times Pt 2 (Henrettan Ch. 23) - (Lecture and text...

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Diablo Valley College History 121 Dr. Kent Haldan Ch 23 Modern Times: the 1920s A New Culture Part 2 (Henretta, pages 710-711; 713-719; 726-734) 6. Describe the rise of nativism and the content of the Immigration Act (National Origins Act) of 1924 and how this nativism influenced this act. 7.How did westerners view the Wall Street stock market crash? What was ironic about their view toward this crash and their own situation as producers of commodities? Briefly describe the economic decline from 1929 to 1933. How did this nation's economic decline affect the West?
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Unformatted text preview: (Lecture and text) 8.What was the state of major western industries during the 1920s? Which sectors or regions were prosperous during the 1920s? 9.What distinguished Herbert Hoover from earlier presidents? What was his view of government regulation of the economy and what sectors of the economy was he better able to deal with? How did he respond to massive unemployment? 10.Describe the growing discontentment with Hoover, FDR’s background, and then describe the 1932 elections and outcome....
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