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Diablo Valley College History 121 Dr. Kent Haldan Study Guide for Takaki, A Different Mirror, Ch. 6: Emigrants from Erin 1. According to Takaki, between 1815 and 1920, 5.5 million Irish emigrated to the United States. What circumstances forced them to leave their homeland? Describe the socio- economic background of most Irish immigrants. 2. Describe the work/occupations of the Irish immigrants in the US. 3. Describe an instance of Irish contact or antagonism against Chinese. How did the Irish respond? How were the Irish compared to the Chinese by employers and newspapers? 4.
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Unformatted text preview: How were the Irish compared to blacks? How did many Irish in Ireland view enslaved Africans? What was the Irish immigrants racial or ethnic strategy once they came to the US and found themselves occupying the same socio-economic space as Blacks? Describe Irish behavior during the Civil War. How did Blacks respond to the Irish? 5. Why did a high percent of Irish women emigrate? Describe their employment. What were the factors affecting their choice of employment. Describe their employers and working conditions. 6. Describe the Irish ethnic strategy in politics....
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