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Diablo Valley College Dr. Kent Haldan History 121 Chan and Olin, Major Problems in California History , Study Guide for Sucheng Chan and Spenser Olin, Major Problems in California History , Ch. 13 Politics and Protest, 1960s-1970s Introduction 1.How do the authors characterize the 1950s and 1960s? To what were the social movements a response? Describe the similarities in the views of these protest movements toward domestic and international issues. How did conservatives respond? Describe the "new liberalism" that emerged in this dialogue? 2.Read the seven selections and do the following: Examine 1, how did the protestors and guardians of traditional government responded to each other; 2, how did the movements influenced each other; 3,what were the limits of each party in this contentious exchange. W.J. Rorabaugh "Berkeley in the 1960s " (From Berkeley at War ) 1.Briefly describe Rorabaugh's characterization of Berkeley's conservatives, liberals, and radicals. 2.According to Rorabaugh while mainstream historians were claiming that authority was in
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