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Diablo Valley College History 121 Dr. Kent Haldan Study Guide for Henretta, Chapter 19: The Politics in the Age of Enterprise (1877-1896) 1.What is the paradox that James Bryce finds in American politics? 2.What was the most demanding duty of the president at this time and how and why was this task reformed? What were other duties of the executive branch? 3.What did Woodrow Wilson mean when he referred to this era as “congressional government”? What role did Congress play in national politics? 4.What were important issues for the two parties? 5.What were some prevailing ideologies of this time? 6.What roie did the courts play in the political system? 7.How high was voter turnout from 1876 to 1892?
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Unformatted text preview: 8.What role did ethnicity and culture play in elections and politic in general? Bonus question: How the political participation of women in the West differ from that of their counterparts in other states? (in Haldan Lecture) 9.Describe the Organizational aspects of these parties. 10. Describe the tension between the reformers (Mugwumps) and the self-serving careerism of the machine hacks. 11. What was the economic context of the Populist Revolt? 12. Describe the emergence of the Populist Movement out of the Farmers’ Alliance movement: The political context and issues. 13. Desribe the 1896 election and its outcome. 14.Describe the demise of the Agrarian Revolt....
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