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Diablo Valley College History 121 Dr. Kent Haldan Chapter 25: The World at War 1. Overview. Briefly describe Orson Wells' broadcast. How did people respond and why? (Lecture) What is the significance of World War II for America's political and economic history? 2. The Road to War. Describe the various American responses to the coming of World War II. How did FDR and Willkie's differ in the 1940 election? What were the Lend-lease Act and the Atlantic Charter? 3. The Attack on Pearl Harbor. Why did the US avoid taking a stand on the war in Europe? What was Japan doing in Asia at this time. What Japanese action caused the US to cut off trade with Japan? What was the Japanese response? What impact did Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor have upon the American people? 4. Organizing for Victory. How did the mobilization for work affect the federal government and its relation to business? Describe the increase in federal expenditures and personnel and the changing view toward the role of the government in fiscal policies. How was the war financed?
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