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Diablo Valley College History 121 Dr. Kent Haldan Study Guide for Henretta, Chapter 21 “An Emerging World Power, 1877-1914 1.Introduction: Briefly describe the rise of the United States as a world Power. 2. Describe the Pacific Episodes during the Gilden Age. 3. Describe the development of the U.S. economy from 1875to 1900. What U.S. companies went abroad to build plants? What countries were the U.S.’s main trading partners? How did U.S. trade with other nations change during this period. 4. What were Alfred T. Mahan’s views of the role of sea power in U.S. foreign policy—how would American empire differ from European empire? Who did he influence? 5. Describe the ideologies of promoting/fueling American expansionism. 6. Describe the Spanish American War: the role of W. R. Hearst, McKinley, T Roosevelt,
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Unformatted text preview: admiral Dewey in this war. Describe the fighting in Cuba and the armistice treaty ending the war. Describe the Treaty of Paris and the U.S. taking of the Philippines. Who opposed this war? 7. Onto the World Stage: Describe T. Roosevelt’s view of U.S.’s role in the world. How did other countries view the U.S. Describe the changing relations between the U.S. and Great Britain. Describe the building of the Panama Canal and the U.S. role in Latin America. 8. Describe U.S. policy toward Asian and its actions in Asia. Describe Japan’s activities in Asia, How did Theodore Roosevelt view Japan and how did he treat Japan? 9. Describe Woodrow Wilson’s policies and actions toward Mexico. 10. Describe the gathering storm in Europe....
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