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DVC History 121 Dr. Haldan Take-home Midterm #2 Exam Part 1 Identification: Identify at least eight of the following IDs indicating their significance and historical context: and insert them into your essay in part 2. 1.1790 Naturalization Law 7.Kenjinkai and Japanese Ass. of America 2.Chinese Six Companies 8.Executive Order 9066 Chinese Exclusion Act 9. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo 3.The Irish and Democratic Party 10.1903 Oxnard Strike 4.Abraham Cahan and Forward 5.Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire 12.1907 Gentlemen’s Agreement 6.Immigration Act of 1924 13.1933 San Joaquin Valley strike 14.mutualistas Part 2: Choose One and write a five-page to seven-page essay to answer.
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Unformatted text preview: Compare and contrast the experiences of one ethnic group in group A and experiences of the one group in group B: A. Irish in Boston or Jews in New York. (Takaki, Ch. 6 & 11) B. Chinese in CA, Japanese in HA and CA or Mexicans in CA and Texas. (Takaki, Ch. 8, 10, & 12) 1. Be sure to compare and contrast the phases of the migration/immigration processes with an emphasis upon the latter two: origins, flows, economic incorporation, settlement, and socio-political adaptation. 2. Describe the role of race and ethnicity in their respective economic incorporation, settlement, and adaptation....
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