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Takaki Ch 5 Study Guide - Diablo Valley College History...

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Diablo Valley College History 121 Dr. Kent Haldan Study Guide for Takaki, A Different Mirror , Ch. 5 "No More Peck O' Corn:" 1.Describe the population and status of African Americans in the North. What were some of the discriminatory laws and practices towards them? Describe the impact of these policies and practices against northern blacks. Describe the work of Samuel Morton on the cranial capacities of whites and blacks. 2.Describe the work of enslaved Africans on the Southern plantations? How were they managed by their masters? What were the characteristics of "the Sambo?" What motivated masters to view their slaves as Sambos/" 3.Describe some of the responses of enslaved Africans to slavery. What were the conditions of enslaved African women? 4.Describe the conditions and lives of enslaved Africans living in Southern cities? What practices allowed them more freedom than their counterparts on the plantation? How did white southerners feel about urban slaves?
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