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Takaki Ch 8 Study Guide - Why did many Chinese go into the...

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Diablo Valley College History 126 Dr. Kent Haldan Study Guide for Takaki, A Different Mirror , Ch. 8 "Searching for Gold Mountain:" Origins and Background: 1.What factors pushed/pulled the Chinese from China to the U.S. Describe their background. Labor recruitment system that brought them here. What links did the men maintain with China? Did the Chinese intend to settle in the US? Flow and early Economic and Social adaptation: 2.Where did the Chinese first settle? Describe their early work and treatment by white society. What was their early economic status? What was their daily life like? 3.Describe their role in the construction of the Central Pacific Railroad. How did Crocker feel about white and Chinese workers? Describe the type of work the Chinese did on the railroad. How did they resist their exploitation? 4.Describe Chinese settlements in urban and rural areas during the 1870s and 1880s. Describe cases of Chinese maximizing their earning powers.
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Unformatted text preview: Why did many Chinese go into the laundry business? What industrial jobs did they take? Describe their employment in the Southern US. 5.What was the ideological basis white subordination of and discrimination against the Chinese? What were some of the law and court decisions against the Chinese? How did the Chinese fight against discrimination? Gradual Socio-Political Adaptation and Incorporation of the Chinese 1900-World War II: 6.How many Chinese women came to the U.S.? Why did so few women come to the US. Describe cases of Chinese women in families. Describe the life and conditions of Chinese prostitutes. 7.What evidence does Takaki point to show that the Chinese had moved from sojourner to settler? What organizations did they form? What were the propose of these organizations? What role did "letters from home" play in their lives?...
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