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Diablo Valley College History 126 Dr. Kent Haldan Study Guide for Takaki, A Different Mirror , Ch. 10 "Pacific Crossings" (Japanese immigrant s). Answer the following questions on a separate piece of paper. 1.What factors forced Japanese to emigrate from Japan? What attracted them to Hawaii? 2. Why did more Japanese women emigrate from Japan than Chinese women from China? Why did plantation owners and managers in Hawaii encourage women to come there? 3.How did planters view Japanese and other laborers? Why did planters want a multiethnic work force? Describe the occupational structure on the plantations. Where did the Japanese fit in? 4. Describe the work routine and conditions. 5. How did the Japanese fight back against their exploitation? In 1909, Japanese workers were unhappy that they were paid less than Portuguese workers. How did they respond? What was the significance of their response? What did the planters do? 6. What action did both Japanese and Filipinos take part in during 1920?
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